AUV Survey Work with Semper Offshore

Another successful trip for Semper Offshore and the crew of the research vessel Galatea. We recently helped our friends at C. R. Environmental, Inc. perform gravity coring, sediment grab sampling, and collecting subsea video data for substrate mapping in Massachusetts Bay. This data will be used to identify an area for future AUV testing. [...]

ROV AUV Offshore Operations

Semper Offshore is fully equipped with ROV/AUV vehicles updated with the newest technology, lighting, and sonar systems in the industry. For more information please contact Greg Jaeger at (617) 242-2401 or use our ONLINE INQUIRY FORM and you will get a prompt follow-up. [...]

Training Day at Semper Offshore

Semper Offshore has some of the most capable and best-trained captains and crew in the industry.  In keeping with this training commitment, Semper has provided and will continue to support many training courses with a wide range of curriculum for their crews.